Book Fair 2018

The book fair was launched in Tripoli for the 44th time at the Rashid Karami International Fair. It has witnessed many cultural activities, as well as sections which involved community associations and bodies, and publishing houses. The fair also witnessed visits by political, literary and cultural activities from various Lebanese regions, which highlighted the impact of social progress and the cultural aspect between the Lebanese populations in general and the population of Tripoli in particular. Pedagogy, constantly strives to improve schools through the development of curriculum and the quality of education. It has been actively involved in the Book Fair by establishing its own pavilion in the exhibition area, in the presence of its Executive Director, Mr. Hani Hamed. Pedagogy also has hosted politicians, university doctors and professors. Moreover, Pedagogy has hosted "La Table Ronde" to sign the book of the writer Azza Agha Malak, entitled “Vivre la Paix” in the presence of the Director of the French Institute in Tripoli, Mr. Marc Vanouli, Dr. Emi Shammas Va'ani, Dr. Haitham Qutb and Dr. Janine Maha. In addition to the signing of the book, the seminar included discussions and analysis of great cultural value.