Workshop Burnout

Pedagogy has organized a course entitled "Overcoming Psychological Burnout" at Al Fayhaa Center. This session was presented by the trainer Dr Racha Tadmori, on Friday, the 3rd of August 2018. This course aimed to guide the participants on how to act to reduce the pressures of psychological and social life that are nowadays affecting almost everyone, especially due to the accelerated pace of life and increase of the daily burden. This course shed light on techniques that help to combat all stressors, such as psychological relaxation techniques, stress management techniques and elimination. Thus, the course targeted people suffering from psychological stress. At the end of the course, trainees became aware of the psychological burnout they faced, and able to differentiate between psychological burnout and psychological stress. In addition, to identifying the factors that cause psychological burnout and how to alleviate them. It was clear that this session was a resounding success, after the participants' requested to hold on another course.