This service is divided into 3 main pillars, which are: need assessment, professional development programs and coaching Through KAP (knowledge, attitude and perception) surveys, interviews and classroom observations. Pedagogy’s team of consultant collects information on teachers’ strengths and areas of improvement within different scopes of teaching.

Professional Certification Program

Teachers’ capacity building programs are considered powerful catalysts for growth through which both novice and veteran teachers can enhance their skills. Pedagogy’s team of Consultants’ implements this service based on teachers’ needs, considering it as an eloquent catalyst for growth for both novice and veteran teachers. Pedagogy equips novice teachers with educational trainings to help them apply their conceptual knowledge using the most evidence-based instructional methodologies that service leaners interest and needs.

Based on the collective data from the need assessment, a Professional Development Plan inclusive of multiple targeted trainings are delivered by Pedagogy trainers in order to empower teachers’ pedagogical skills and enable them to nurture student’ countered classrooms. The Professional Development program goes hand in hand with a coaching program whereas instructional feedback is given to ensure effective implementation of knowledge and the development of teachers’ skill, capacity, abilities, and motivation.

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