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Pedagogy, the portal of Educational Development, is a Lebanese based consulting firm that offers a wide range of educational services to academic institutions locally. in the MENA region and North Africa.

Pedagogy follows a comprehensive approach to foster quality education within learning communities. Through consultancy services, we work on developing the systems through which institutions operates on the various facets of academic, management, marketing and financial processes. Thus, building competent advocates equipped with problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity skills



PEDAGOGY is the solution to your needs. We believe that education is fundamental to the development of individuals, institutions, and organizations. Our work is based on research and technologies to develop administrative and educational systems that benefit individuals and educational institutions.


PEDAGOGY is the standard for reshaping education in the Middle East and North Africa. We work on developing the reality of education and creating a new perception of education in the Arab world.

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Bridging the Educational Divide

Empowering Schools for Quality Education and Enhanced Performance

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