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Pedagogy, the portal of Educational Development, is a Lebanese based consulting firm that offers a wide range of educational services to academic institutions locally. in the MENA region and North Africa. Pedagogy follows a comprehensive approach to foster quality education within learning communities. Through consultancy services, we work on developing the systems through which institutions operates on the various facets of academic, management, marketing and financial processes. Thus, building competent advocates equipped with problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity skills


It is particularly important to us at Pedagogy to continuously persevere in order to instigate the envisioned change in the educational institutions. We support an educational system that stimulates learners’ curiosity to learn and not only to meet the requirements of external assessment regimes

The educational system in Lebanon is highly governed by political figures who may favor teacher leaders that do not necessarily have the proper expertise to initiate change, thus reducing the acceptability of such teachers with the personal and interpersonal skills required for that change. Pedagogy believes that school reform and restructuring must be primarily focused on nurturing a healthy school climate that develops collegiality, trustworthiness, and accountability

Our curricular innovation takes into account gifted students who exhibit advanced cognitive abilities, but who could also be a major source of disruptive behavior if misidentified and not provided with appropriate learning activities to suit their interests. Pedagogy strives to create a STEM-based learning environment to empower gifted students and help them develop their reasoning and critical thinking skills

A team of well-trained reviewers at Pedagogy works along with school stakeholders to plan for an organic and dynamic model of school reform and restructuring. Our priority is to provide systematic guidance for the schools to enhance their curriculum delivery, improve the school environment, and increase parental involvement

Pedagogy desires to create new approaches, resources, and services to improve our performance and that of the educational institutions we work with in order to advance as individuals and as a community. We do so by encouraging our team to be a persistent challenger of existing methods

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