Transforming Textbooks into E-books

It is concerned with converting paper textbooks into interactive electronic books. These books have advanced educational design and interrelated content at the skill and psychomotor levels. They are engaging and allow the learning process to advance in a learner-centered manner. Transforming Textbooks into E-books PEDAGOGY is a licensed publishing company under the name PEDAGOGY PEDAGOGY …

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Professional Certification Programs

This service is divided into 3 main pillars, which are: need assessment, professional development programs and coaching Through KAP (knowledge, attitude and perception) surveys, interviews and classroom observations. Pedagogy’s team of consultant collects information on teachers’ strengths and areas of improvement within different scopes of teaching. Professional Certification Program Teachers’ capacity building programs are considered …

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Research and Studies

Throughout the research process, we uphold the principles of academic rigor and ethical standards. Our team is well-versed in conducting peer-reviewed studies, adhering to the highest levels of scholarly integrity. We also ensure that all research conducted complies with relevant regulations and guidelines. The outcomes of our research go beyond mere data and statistics Research …

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Interactive Curricula

Visit our Website Interactive Curricula PEDAGOGY is a licensed publishing company under the name PEDAGOGY PUBLISHERS  based on a homogeneous and distinguished team of educational psychologists, programmers, technical engineers, and competent educational experts in building and developing digital interactive curricula with national and international accreditations, and in Arabic, French, and English, for all educational stages …

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Training for Capacity Building

Moreover, we emphasize the importance of inclusive active learning practices, ensuring that diverse student needs are met through differentiated instruction. By participating in our capacity building programs, teachers gain the skills and expertise needed to create meaningful learning experiences that prepare students for success in an ever-changing world Training Capacity Building As part of our …

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Leverage the capacities of the personnel within an educational institution Assist educational institutions to become recognized internationally Equip schools’ internal management department with the skills to develop quality strategic and action plans and clear identification of vision, mission and goal frameworks Increase student numbers within an educational institution Support educational institutions with self-assessment tools for …

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